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How to Use CloudBerry Backup with DreamObjects

Create DreamObjects account

Go to and click "Start Now" to start you 2 month free trial.

Fill in the registration form and click "Submit Order". You will get an email saying that your account has been activated. Now you can get access to the Web Panel. Use email and password specified in the registration form to log in.

After you login, the system will automatically create a user in the panel (it may take some time).

Download CloudBerry Backup

Download Desktop edition or Server edition of CloudBerry Backup. Install and launch the program.

Configure CloudBerry Backup

Start the program and select "Backup Wizard". On the second step select the option in the "DreamObjects" drop down menu and enter account credentials.

1. Display name can be any.
2. Access key can be found in the "Storage" portion of the Web Panel. To get there, log in to the Web Panel and click "Storage" in the left panel menu and you will see the list of users created. Click on the user to see the Access key.

3. Secret key is located next to Access Key. Click "Show Secret Key" to see it.

4. Service point must be
If you entered everything correctly, you will be able to see buckets you've created earlier and/or create new ones. Complete the rest of the Backup Wizard steps to customize your backup plan and enjoy CloudBerry Backup with DreamObjects.

Note: this post applies to CloudBerry Backup.
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