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How to Use Rackspace Cloud Files with CloudBerry Backup

This post explains how to sign up for a Rackspace account, create a container, find credentials and use them to connect CloudBerry Backup with your Rackspace account.

Create a Rackspace Account

You will need to go through the 4 steps to sign up for Rackspace account. The first one is "Create an Account" step where you need to enter your email, username, and password. The second is the "Account Information" step. Enter the valid phone number and email to successfully activate your account on the "Confirmation" step. The third step is "Billing Information". Your credit card should have a positive balance to be successfully validated. The last step is "Confirmation". Click "Activate my Account" button to proceed.

Create Cloud Files Container

After account activation, you need to create your first Cloud Files container. For that login to the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel using username and password, you set up on the first step of the sign-up process.
In the Control Panel interface, you need to click on the "Files" option in the top menu.
In the displayed window click "Create Container", specify the container name and region.
The created container should appear in the list.

Download CloudBerry Backup

Download CloudBerry Backup Desktop edition or Server edition. Install and start the program.

Configure CloudBerry Backup for Rackspace Cloud Files

Click "Backup Wizard" in the top left corner, skip the first step and on the second step click option in the "Rackspace" drop-down menu.
Now you need to enter Rackspace account credentials to connect it with CloudBerry Backup.
1. The display name can be anything.
2. Username is what you have set up during signup.
3. API key is a secret key that is required to access your Cloud Files account. To find it go back to the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel and click on your account name in the top right corner, then click on "API Keys".
If you entered everything correctly, you will see your container under "Container:". Complete the rest of the Backup Wizard step to set up your backup plan and enjoy CloudBerry Backup
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