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How to Start Using CloudBerry Backup with Microsoft Azure

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This post explains how to sign up for Microsoft Azure account and configure CloudBerry Backup to be used with Microsoft Azure.

Table of Contents

    Sign Up for Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage

    You can find a step-by-step instructions on how to sign up for Microsoft Azure cloud storage in the following help article:

    Further reading How to Sign Up for Microsoft Azure

    Download and Install CloudBerry Backup

    Download the latest version of CloudBerry Backup from our website:
    CloudBerry Backup for Microsoft Azure

    Configure CloudBerry Backup for Microsoft Azure

    1 Launch CloudBerry Backup, click on the Menu Icon in the upper-left corner and click Add New Account.

    2 In the "Select Cloud Storage" screen, click the Azure icon.

    3 Enter the account's display name, access key (Account), secret key (Shared Key), select the account type and the required container.
    Note: To find your Azure Access Keys, please refer to the “Retrieving Access Keys” section of this help article.

    4 Once you have specified all the required information, click OK. You will see your new Microsoft Azure account displayed in the list of accounts.

    How to Select Microsoft Azure Account in Backup Wizard

    You can select or register a new Microsoft Azure account in Backup Wizard when creating a new backup plan.

    Click the Files button to start Backup Wizard and select account from the Azure drop-down list.

    After your Microsoft Azure account is specified, click Next and complete the rest of the Backup Wizard steps to create and customize your backup plan.

    Now you are ready to use your Microsoft Azure account with CloudBerry Backup. You can create Backup Plans, copy files to Microsoft Azure and automate your backup routine.

    Features of CloudBerry Backup for Microsoft Azure

    Support for All Azure Access TiersSupport for Azure Hot, Cool and Archive Blob storage tiers.
    With this flexibility, you can find the storage tier that provides the best balance between cost and performance.


    Support for Azure Lifecycle ManagementLifecycle Management Policy.
    CloudBerry Backup integrates with Azure lifecycle management feature, making it easy to move data automatically between different storage tiers.

    Encrypted BackupEncrypted backup.
    Secure data in transit and at rest.


    Restore Backup from Azure Storage to VMRestore from Blob storage to Azure Virtual Machines.
    If desired, CloudBerry Backup can restore data directly from Blob storage to Azure Virtual Machine, enabling a very fast and smooth restore process.


    Learn more about why customers choose CloudBerry Backup and Azure Blob storage for their affordability, user-friendly interface and dedicated customer support:

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