Increased EC2 & Azure disk restore limits in CloudBerry Backup 5.8

Microsoft and Amazon have recently increased the disk volume limits for their virtual machines running on Azure and EC2. At CloudBerry Lab, we always keep up with the latest developments and today announce the support for these increased disk sizes in the CloudBerry Backup 5.8.

Restore of large disks to Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure

The new disk volume limits for EC2 and Azure virtual machines are as follows:

  • 2 Terabytes for MBR-partitioned disks
  • 4 Terabytes for GPT-partitioned disks

CloudBerry automatically identifies the partition type and then properly restores it. The process is the same in the Restore Wizard; meaning, you can now seamlessly restore disks up to 4 terabytes in size.

Simply specify the required destination disk capacity in the Restore Wizard and click Next.

Alternatively, you can specify the partition size when selecting partitions themselves.