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Introducing CloudBerry Backup 2.7 for macOS & Linux

Cloud services providers roll out updates frequently these days. This release of CloudBerry Backup for macOS & Linux brings it up to date, along with improving its performance and UX.

Table of Contents

    Amazon S3 One Zone-IA Storage Class

    A new storage class of Amazon S3 - One Zone-IA - further improves its cost-effectiveness for the cases when data redundancy is not the culprit and the data is not supposed to be accessed often, for example, backups of secondary data.

    Since now there are 3 possible classes to choose, there's a combo box selector for them.  Mouse over the box to see the tooltip. This feature is also available in the web interface and the CLI.
    The same control is used for Azure storage tiers.

    Amazon S3 Europe (Stockholm) Region

    Amazon Web Services has also released a new region - Europe (Stockholm). It is supported in CloudBerry Backup too, just select a bucket from this region and you're ready to go.

    Backblaze B2 Application Keys

    Backblaze B2 Application keys are live and that means more granular permissions for CloudBerry Backup software. The setup steps stay exactly the same.

    Wasabi US-West-1 Region

    Wasabi is growing rapidly - a new DC in US West (us-west-1 region) is running and supported in CloudBerry Backup.


    Feel free to download CloudBerry Backup 2.7 for macOS and Linux and share your feedback in the comment section below.