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Introducing CloudBerry Backup 4.2 with Image-Based Backup

This article refers to CloudBerry Backup 4.2 and later.

We are excited to announce a release of CloudBerry Backup 4.2. This version comes with a completely redesigned interface and a set of new outstanding features and enhancements including the image-based backup feature that significantly extends the functionality of existing "Bare metal / System state" backup.

Table of Contents

    Image-Based Backup Feature

    Please note that this article refers to CloudBerry Backup 4.2 released in July 2015. It's different from the latest version of the product. You might want to check out our newer guide on image-based backup.

    This feature allows you to take a snapshot of the entire operating system with all the data associated with it including the system state and all the application configurations and save it as a single file called image. Currently, the Image-Based Backup is the most reliable way to back up everything on a system.

    Make Bootable USB drive

    You can use CloudBerry Backup to create a bootable USB drive so it will further serve as a boot device to start your operating system or recover it in case of system crash.

    Further reading How to Create a Bootable USB for Windows Server

    Keystone Authentication v3

    You can now specify keystone authentication v3 in the Keystone version drop-down list when adding a new OpenStack-compatible storage account.OpenStack_add

    Ability to Skip Locked Files

    CloudBerry backup 4.2 allows you to skip locked files being used by other applications when you run a backup plan. This option is available in "Advanced Filter" step of Backup Wizard.locked_files

    Note: This option is available only if "Use block level backup" and "Force using VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service)" options are not selected in the Advanced options step of the Backup Wizard. If at least one of those two options is selected, then the "Do not backup locked files" option will be grayed out.

    You can try CloudBerry Backup 4.2 with new features for free! Just download 15 days fully functional trial version of CloudBerry Backup and check if our backup solution meets your needs and requirements.