Introducing CloudBerry Backup for Mac 1.8

Introducing CloudBerry Backup for Mac 1.8

We are constantly working on Mac version of CloudBerry Backup and the new version 1.8 is now ready to download! There are some GUI and under-the-hood improvements, alongside with support of S3 compatible cloud storage, Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration and Amazon S3 China region. We have also included the option to prevent Mac from sleep mode while backup is in progress.

S3 Compatible Storage Support

CloudBerry Backup now fully supports of S3 compatible storage providers, so you can create even more flexible S3-like data structures using of these products:S3 Compatible

We have also expanded support of OpenStack-based clouds with Softlayer – Chennai Region (India).

Of course, this is not the full list, but CloudBerry Backup will definitely work with any OpenStack- and AWS-based storage service.

Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration

Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration is a new feature of Amazon S3. It speeds up the data exchange with a bucket up to 6 times. The feature was added to Windows version of CloudBerry Backup some time ago and now we made it available on Mac version.
Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration

Data transfer acceleration can be enabled for a particular backup plan. We have also prepared a detailed post about S3 Accelerator technology.

Prevent Mac from Sleep Mode

CloudBerry Backup for Mac now can prevent OS X from entering into sleep mode during backup or restore operations. This little enhancement can help you, for example, to avoid of missed backup sessions:Slee options

  • Never sleep on backup/restore - prevents OS X going into the Energy Saver sleep mode while backup or restore is running.
  • Continue plan on wake up - starts interrupted backup or restore after forcing sleep (in Apple Menu)

Amazon S3 China Region Support

We have added support of another one AWS region, located in China. Now your backup network made even more flexible in terms of data retrieval time or using of a geo-distributed locations for disaster recovery.

GUI Improvements

We have also made some GUI improvements to make your experience smoother. An image is better than hundreds of words, so please take a look:Backup Plans

First of all, we have aligned the GUI with Apple guidelines.Backup Storage


You can try CloudBerry Backup for Mac OS 1.8 with new features for free! Just download 15 day fully functional trial version of CloudBerry Backup and check if our backup solution meets your needs and requirements.

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