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We Introduce CloudBerry Box 1.2 with Custom Sync Folder

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As always we are adding features that our customers are requesting. CloudBerry Lab presents a new version of CloudBerry Box 1.2. Now CloudBerry Box allows to set a custom sync folder that you want to use for synchronization.

Once you install CloudBerry Box, the default sync folder is "CloudBerryBox" folder in your user profile (e.g.  C:\Users\John\CloudBerryBox):


Now you can easily change it to any local folder on your computer and continue synchronization. When you change the folder, it automatically resync a new local folder with the storage account.

With the latest version CloudBerry Box becomes even more compelling sync tool ready to be used in the companies with a flexible settings for sync computers.

Note: this post applies to CloudBerry Box 1.2 and later.
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