Introducing CloudBerry Dedup Server 2.3

The new version of CloudBerry Dedup Server has been released, and in this post we will cover all of the changes and new features.

CloudBerry Dedup Server 2.3

CloudBerry Dedup Server 2.3 mainly focuses on security aspects and also expands the list of supported cloud storage services.

Secure Connections between Clients and Dedup Server

The new version adds support for SSL and TLS for communication between clients and the deduplication server. If you need traffic encrypted between the clients and the Dedup Server (especially if the server is on an external network), this new option provides you that protection. With just a single click you can instruct Dedup Server to use pre-installed certificates to establish secure connections. You can enable the feature in the app's settings under General.

Updated Cloud Storage Vendor Support

We now support the following cloud storage vendors with Dedup Server:

  • Backblaze B2
  • Minio
  • Wasabi
  • S3 Compatible

Other Improvements

  • Full support for backup of NTFS permissions
  • Option to use HTTP/HTTPS protocol for traffic between clients and the deduplication server (works with proxy servers)
  • Option to immediately flush staged data to backup storage
  • General performance improvements

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