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Introducing CloudBerry Drive 2.0

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We are excited to announce a release of CloudBerry Drive 2.0. This version of CloudBerry Drive comes with a whole set of new outstanding features and enhancements that significantly extend the capabilities of our product!

Below is the list of what's been added in this release

Let's have a closer look at every single one of these features!

Data Encryption

Starting from this release, CloudBerry Drive allows you to encrypt all the data sent to the cloud in order to enhance the security of storing sensitive data. With this feature, you can can be always sure that your information stays protected.

For more information, please review the following blog: Data Encryption is Now Available in CloudBerry Drive

Support of FTP and SFTP

Using CloudBerry Drive 2.0, you can now easily map your FTP and SFTP servers as network drives and leverage the benefits of FTP/SFTP storage as a simple and very cheap way to store the frequently accessed data.


Azure Government

The renewed version of CloudBerry Drive supports Microsoft Azure Government. Federal agencies, state and local government entities that make use of Microsoft Azure Storage can now use CloudBerry Drive with their Azure Government account.


Predefined HTTP Headers

Using CloudBerry Drive 2.0, you can now configure the predefined set of HTTP headers for every upload and, thus, automate the setting of HTTP headers to the files that is especially useful for managing website files.

For more information, please review the following blog: Set Up Default Headers to Your Uploads with CloudBerry Drive

Master Password

Now you can protect the settings in CloudBerry Drive with a Master Password feature. Master Password helps you further protect your cloud account and data from unauthorized access if your computer is lost or stolen.

For more information, please review the following blog: Protect your CloudBerry Drive Settings

Queue Thread Count

CloudBerry Drive 2.0 allows you to configure the number of threads used to transfer data to the cloud. You don’t have to wait for the first file to finish uploading to the mounted drive before you can start the next one in the queue. You can upload and download multiple files in parallel. Besides, it helps you utilize your network bandwidth more efficiently.

Go to the Advanced tab to set up a number of threads:


New Storage Providers

CloudBerry Drive 2.0 is now compatible with some new providers: Auro, CloudA, Caringo, dinCloud, Exoscale, NiftyCloud, Numergy. You can select these providers in the "Storage Providers" list, when adding a new cloud storage account.


Using CloudBerry Drive 2.0, you can fully protect your data using encryption and master password, manage files' metadata and take advantages of multhithreading transfers. CloudBerry Drive supports over 20 different cloud storage services and we always try to be up to date with new storage providers that our customers use.

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