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Introducing CloudBerry Drive 2.2.1 with new enhancements

We are pleased to announce a new version of CloudBerry Drive which features the following changes:

  • Support of AWS Asia Pacific (Seoul) region
  • Support of AWS Standard-IA storage class
  • Support of Azure China

Let us explore them in more detail!

Support of AWS Asia Pacific (Seoul) region

CloudBerry Drive 2.2.1 supports a new AWS Asia Pacific (Seoul) region. This feature allows mapping Amazon S3 buckets created in Seoul region as network drives under Windows. Basically, you will not need to do anything specific to use this feature. Just map a desired bucket with a nested folder as you normally do and that’s it.

Support of AWS Standard-IA storage class

In addition to Reduced Redundancy storage, CloudBerry Drive 2.2.1 brings support for AWS Standard-IA storage class. Now CloudBerry Drive allows using a less expensive (in comparison with Amazon S3 Standard storage) class providing for a more increased redundancy level than before. AWS Standard-IA storage class is designed to effectively manage data that is not accessed very often. To use this feature, bring up the “Mapped Drive Options” dialog box and select the “Use Standard-IA” check box as illustrated in picture below.

Changing Mapped Drive options

Support of Azure Blob Storage in China

CloudBerry Drive 2.2.1 supports Azure Blob storage in China. To use this option, choose the Azure Blob storage provider and then select the “Azure in China” check box.

Adding Storage Account


Starting from today, these functions are available in CloudBerry Drive. Are you interested in these functions and want to try our product? Download a free 14-day trial and see it yourself.

Download CloudBerry Drive FREE TRIAL


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