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Introducing CloudBerry Remote Assistant 1.1

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We're glad to announce the first major update to our latest product — CloudBerry Remote Assistant. Along with elimination of various bugs and issues we bring you the support for inter-user chat. Read on to learn more about all the novelties.


If you missed our introductory post, let us briefly remind you about the new app. CloudBerry Remote Assistant is a handy tool will allow you to effortlessly and conveniently connect to remote computers. The software essentially functions as follows: he software is installed on 2 PCs: the source and the target. Upon launching, both computers are registered in our own proprietary system that allows effortless connection. Further, you enter the credentials of the target PC on the host PC; and, the host PC get a visual representation of the target machine. The spectre of available features ranges from voice chat to full remote control. Today we expand the functionality by bringing you the text chat. Let's talk more about that.

The text chat

In release 1.1 we added a new icon on the main toolbar which opens up a chat window. Needless to say, that window allows both the host and the target user to converse in written form. Along with the built-in voice chat, Remote Assistant at this point gives you immense flexibility when it comes to interaction. To launch the chat, simply click on the dotted blue bubble.

The chat windows sill shortly appear, whereupon you can proceed to converse with the target PC's user.

We hope you'll like the new feature, as we continue working on the app and improving it bit by bit.

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