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Introducing CloudBerry Remote Assistant 1.3

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CloudBerry Remote Assistant is receiving yet another update. Release 1.3 brings one small but highly important feature — encrypted sessions. Read on to learn more about the new feature and how you can enable it to ensure secure data transfer.

Encrypted sessions

CloudBerry Remote Assistant 1.3 enables you to encrypt all incoming sessions. Encryption is optional and can be disabled if necessary. While regular sessions require only Computer ID and PIN, encrypted sessions also require an encryption key that has to be provided by the target user.

The app uses the RSA algorithm to encrypt sessions. Encryption can be enabled in the app's settings on the target computer:

Once enabled, the target user should provide you with that encryption key. You, in turn, should specify the encryption key in the connection settings:

The encryption key has to be specified only once and it will always be used when establishing a connection. The encryption key is never changed unless the target user regenerates it in the app's settings. A regenerated encryption key has to be provided again to all users who want to connect to the target computer.

Similarly, if encryption is no longer required, simply deselecting the checkbox will turn off the encryption.


As you can see, safe data transfer is now just a few clicks away. CloudBerry Remote Assistant 1.3 leaves no chances for malicious activity, as encryption ensures that no transferred data is interpretable in the event of data interception.

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