Introducing CloudBerry Remote Assistant 1.6

Introducing CloudBerry Remote Assistant 1.6

CloudBerry Remote Assistant gets another major update, this time focusing mainly on optimization of bandwidth and simplification of setup.

Bandwidth Optimization

Arguably the biggest feature of release 1.6 of CloudBerry software for Windows remote assistance is the option to reduce of image quality with the aim of bandwidth optimization. This feature essentially allows you to specify the preferred color depth of the received image stream which lowers the overall volume of transferred data. The list of available options ranges from True color (highest quality) to Black & White (lowest quality).

Display of Remote Cursor

Another new feature of release 1.6 is the ability to display cursor in view mode. By default, view mode does not display the cursor of the target machine, meaning that the target user is unable to point to the specific area on the screen. From now on, you can enable this feature from the main toolbar, by clicking Show Remote Cursor.

Usage of Windows Key in Scaled Mode

In previous versions of CloudBerry Remote Assistant, pressing the Windows key would activate the Start menu on the host machine. Conversely, in release 1.6 we've implemented the option to activate the Start menu on the target machine when pressing the Windows key in scaled mode. It is admittedly not a major improvement per se; however, we believe it's gonna slightly improve the user experience.

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