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CloudBerry Remote Assistant

Introducing MSP360 Remote Assistant (formerly CloudBerry Remote Assistant) 2.2

As always we are excited to announce a new performance and usability improvements to MSP360 Remote Assistant (formerly CloudBerry Remote Assistant) along with awesome new features with the release of version 2.2.

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    MSP360 Remote Assistant is now able to host fully functional Meetings. This is the first iteration of this feature and many more improvements and features are coming later through the year. You can host a meeting for an unlimited number of participants, share one of the screens or specific applications if you don’t want to show your entire screen.

    Session Recording and Playback

    Sometimes you need to save an important meeting that you just had or have proof of a completed task or important session that you had, or maybe record an example of how work should be done for your employees. We understand that and this is why we implemented this feature. You can record meetings and remote sessions with your peers. After the recording is finished you can share the recording or play it via a built-in Remote Assistant Recorded Session Player.

    Custom Passwords

    In case you don’t want to use Unattended Access, but need constant credentials to connect to a specific machine we implemented an awesome feature - custom passwords. From now on, you can set it up and forget about constantly changing PIN in case of a machine or software restart.


    As always we are listening to your feedback. This list only covers new features, however, there is so much more that we fixed, optimized and improved under the hood. Don’t forget to update to the latest version via Main Menu - Check for updates or by downloading the latest build from our site.

    macOS and iOS versions

    We are really glad to announce the start of the BETA program for the Mac platform. You can find a sneak peek of those versions along with the sign-up link here.


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    Make the Most of Your Remote Assistant

    Read this whitepaper to explore the valuable features and handy tricks you might have missed in MSP360 Remote Assistant. We will overview:

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