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Introducing CloudBerry Drive 2.3.3

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CloudBerry Drive 2.3.3 has been released. The latest iteration packs a number of welcomed bug fixes as well as support for internal URL use for OpenStack type cloud storage services.

Support for OpenStack internal URLs

Similar to the functionality present in CloudBerry Explorer, we have now implemented support for internal URL use for OpenStack type cloud storage services. That, in turn, enables you to perform operations within the proper security domain. We strongly suggest you first familiarize yourself with the OpenStack's documentation on the matter so as to have a better idea of how that mechanism functions.

Note that various cloud storage providers use different monikers for internal URLs. Simply select the required checkbox in the storage account settings to utilize that feature. Click OK.

Bug fixes

We have also fixed a number of bugs to provide you with a more stable and smooth workflow. Namely, a bug that incorrectly displayed modification date has been fixed. Also, because of our file and folder processing mechanism, certain files and folders used to be duplicated. That's no longer the case! Finally, you now can activate the server license on a desktop OS and not encounter limited functionality of the desktop version.