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Introducing CloudBerry Drive 2.3.4

Today we announce the latest iteration of CloudBerry Drive. Version 2.3.4 mainly focuses on security enhancements as well as giving you extra flexibility regarding callbacks & retry attempts.

Retry attempts

One of the new features in the latest update is the configuration of retry attempts. Namely, you can now specify the number of attempts that the program will make to try to re-establish a failed connection. Furthermore, the time period between the attempts can also be indicated. Note that this time period doubles with every attempt, effectively increasing exponentially. In other words, if you chose the values as depicted on the screenshot below, the actual time spent between the attempts would be 1000 + 1000*2 + 1000*3 ... + 1000*7 msec.

Long callbacks timeout

Callbacks are widely used in CloudBerry Drive. The default callback timeout of our program is 30 seconds. That is if a file is being appended — that process should take no more than 30 seconds. Needless to say, upon exceeding that time limit, the operation will be terminated. So if you choose to increase or decrease the long callback timeout — ensure that you have clear motives to do that. However, it should be mentioned that this time limit does not apply to certain critical operations like getting item information, moving folders, deleting files, etc.

Internet connection check

Some of our customers have asked us to let them disable automatic internet connection checks, as they experienced occasional hiccups when mounting disks. It's crucial that you not tinker with these settings unless the circumstances call for it. The file you need to modify is called productConfig and located in the folder where you installed CloudBerry Drive.  Simply change true to false, and you're good to go. You could similarly change the Internet connection timeout.

Support for TLS 1.2

We are proud to bring support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 in CloudBerry Drive 2.3.4. From now on, all incoming and outgoing connections will be established through this protocol. A highly requested feature that will hopefully let our backup solution be compliant with all your security standards.