Make Sure You Can Recover: Checking Backup Consistency

This article refers to CloudBerry Backup 4.0.5 and later.

CloudBerry Backup is an inexpensive backup product that has features typically attributed to  enterprise class solutions. With the latest release, we have added the Consistency Check feature: now you can monitor your backup consistency in cloud storage. In fact, CloudBerry Backup is a reliable solution and it does make consistent backups out of the box. So why bother? Well, there are a couple of things you probably don't consider right away:

  • The backup files may be corrupted as a result of direct access to your cloud storage.
  • The backup files may be corrupted due to the internal issue with the cloud storage provider.
  • In the local backup scenario, the user may replace the disk or NAS device where the actual backup files absent

The challenge with backup consistency is that you identify the problem when it's too late. To ensure seamless recovery, implement regular proactive consistency checks. Read the rest of this post for instructions:

Enabling Consistency Check

Consistency Check is a backup account level option. When you run the new CloudBerry Backup, you will see the option on Welcome screen:

CloudBerry Backup Consistency Tab

By default the option is disabled. You can run consistency checks manually, or configure a schedule:

  • Select the account you want in the File menu, OR
    Click Edit next to the account you want on the Welcome screen,
  • Use the Consistency Check tab configure the desired options.

Amazon S3 consistency check settings

Check the consistency of your backups on a regular basis to make sure you stay prepared for a recovery.

Consistency check status

If you had an inconsistent state of your CloudBerry Backup local repository, the check consistency will show a "warning status":

Consistency check warning status

You can click on the datetime label to get more details of the check result - for example, you could have missed files on your local repository or out of date files:

Consistency check log

The consistency check updates the local repository records and makes it up to date to the cloud storage.

To take advantage of new features, upgrade your CloudBerry Backup now.