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Managed Services Market Trends to Watch in 2018

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No one can predict the future, but it is possible to analyze the present and make assumptions about current managed services market trendsThere are many variables that affect the MSP market. What’s going to occur in this area in 2018? Let’s review.

Table of Contents

    1. Migration to the Cloud

    Over the last several years, the cloud has proved its efficiency in comparison with on-premises infrastructure. Cloud services give you enhanced security of your data and the ability to access it no matter where you are located.

    More and more SMBs want to move their data to the cloud, and this is where MSPs can help. (The transfer is not as simple as it might seem.)

    2. Blockchain

    Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are no longer a rumor. They provide several advantages for everyone and create big opportunities for MSPs as well. The ability to exchange values without any third parties like banks or government structures gives businesses unprecedented freedom.

    A competitive managed service provider is always closely engaged with newly emerging technologies, so get ready for this industry trend — It has the power to change lives. If you haven’t taken the time to investigate how these technologies work, you should — ASAP.

    3. Artificial Intelligence

    This is another industry trend that MSPs should keep an eye on. Artificial intelligence helps to make technologies more intuitive and responsive — at an unprecedented level.

    In terms of IT services, AI is more about machine learning than anything else. Huge amounts of data are produced by companies every year, and more services and tools with artificial intelligence have entered the marketplace to help manage it all. As an MSP, you can offer AI to your clients to help them work more efficiently.

    However, if you are considering offering AI capability to your customers, make sure you do your research. Not all industries find AI helpful, so be sure to make informed decisions and target the right audience.

    4. SaaS Implementation

    As businesses move to the cloud, so do the services that make up their IT infrastructure. As business owners become more educated about cloud technologies, they’ll understand that their business data will be far safer using techs like Office 365 or Google Apps than traditional on-premises software, storage, and backup solutions.

    MSPs should take this shift into consideration and offer migration of data to SaaS applications.

    5. Security

    You can be sure that as long as we live in a digital world, data security is more than a trend. It’s a necessity.

    New threats appear constantly, so your protection strategy needs to change with them. Watch for the latest news and alerts. Don’t ignore new threats, and make sure to take safety measures ahead of anything new on the horizon.

    Taking security into consideration, implementing the fastest online backup service can be a very wise decision as you create your strategies. Why sit and wait for disaster to strike when you can be prepared to deal with attacks before they happen? Try CloudBerry Managed Backup Service to enhance your clients’ data security. The right backup service will allow you to offer more advanced security features to your clients, and help your business’ bottom line.

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