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Motiva Networks: 4 Hours to Recover Servers as Amazon EC2 Instances

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Motiva Networks, an NYC IT Support and Managed Services Provider, serves 3 000 desktops and consumes 20 TB of storage. A year ago, when the company started to look for a backup and disaster recovery solution, it had certain criteria - the ability to use Amazon. And today the company has successful experience with “Restore to Amazon EC2" feature in CloudBerry Backup.

We spoke to Walter Contreras, CEO of Motiva Networks.

CloudBerry: Walter, speaking about your experience, what are the advantages of restoring to Amazon EC2 compared to traditional disaster recovery scenarios?

Walter: That’s the ability to spin cloud servers. It took us several weeks to implement CloudBerry Backup "Restore to Amazon EC2" feature to our practice. And when the disaster happened, it took us 4 hours to recover servers as Amazon EC2 instances.

CloudBerry: Besides the ability to use Amazon and disaster recovery option, what other benefits can you outline in CloudBerry Managed Backup?

Walter: The ability to have my own branded solution and set my own pricing - when I was looking for a proper backup and disaster recovery tool, I faced the problem that most of them were too expensive for our clients.

I would also underline the ease of use and the fact that the product is constantly getting better.

CloudBerry: Thanks, Walter!

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Published: by on Post Type: Categories: AWS, CloudBerry Managed Backup
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