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MSP Voice Episode 33 – “Monthly Recurring Relationships” With Bob Coppedge

MSP Voice Episode 33 – “Monthly Recurring Relationships” With Bob Coppedge

My interview with Bob Coppedge of Simplex-IT went a little longer than normal, mostly because we were having a great conversation and Bob is a great guy to interview. While Bob is focusing on the business and not “in the business” he has built a successful MSP that has been around for about 11 years.

Simplex skipped the break-fix phase and jumped directly into MSP work from the start. Now with over 13 employees, Simplex is still growing. Bob has written a book, A CEO’s Survival Guide to Information Technology, and is working on another one due out later this year that is written specifically for MSPs. Bob’s second book with detail how Simplex has had a lot of success in co-managed IT, basically helping to augment an existing IT staff with MSP services. If you want to connect with Bob, hit him up on LinkedIn or drop him an email at

Guest: Bob Coppedge

Company: Simplex-IT

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