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MSP Voice Episode 49 – “Service is your Edge“ with Bob Wardlow

MSP Voice Episode 49 – “Service is your Edge“ with Bob Wardlow

Starting out in 1982 selling dedicated $12,000 word processors to law offices, Bob quickly saw the change in the landscape as personal computers became prevalent. Leaving sales and starting Corland in 1993, Bob did maintenance and break/fix for many years before transitioning to managed contracts. Bob has also carved out a specialty in programming Microsoft Access databases.

Many small companies still rely on Access and Bob helps keep them running around the country. Bob states that from his early days selling word processors he would try and find out what the business needed and then write small programs to help them...he used this to help get more sales because it was something his competition was not doing. Bob truly believes that “service is your edge” when it comes to retaining customers and also having them give you referrals.

Guest: Bob Wardlow

Company: Cortland Computer Systems

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