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OneDrive for Business Support in CloudBerry Backup 5.4

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We are glad to announce the release of CloudBerry Backup v5.4. One of the most requested features from our users is support of Microsoft OneDrive for Business. Thankfully, it is now fully supported and can be utilized in both backup and restore plans.

Adding an Account

Adding a OneDrive for Business account could not be easier. Simply click Add New Account in the toolbar menu.

In the newly appeared pop-up windows select OneDrive for Business.

Now enter the desired display name and sign in to your Microsoft account.

Having done so, you can proceed to use OneDrive for business as your cloud destination of choice for backup and restore plans. Note that size limit of 10 GB applies to each of your files.

Similarly, we have also added support for OneDrive for Business in CloudBerry Explorer for Azure. Feel free to read our earlier blog post that covers this novelty as well. Read our overview article that covers other features in CloudBerry Backup 5.4.

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