Purchasing CloudBerry Products on the AWS Marketplace

Purchasing CloudBerry Products on the AWS Marketplace

Apart from our website, CloudBerry Lab Products can be purchased on AWS marketplace. Read on to learn more about the pricing model and licensing details.

Purchasing CloudBerry Backup through AWS Marketplace

If you're looking to purchase CloudBerry Lab products through AWS Marketplace, follow this tutorial.

To purchase CloudBerry Lab products through AWS Marketplace, go to their website and search for CloudBerry Backup. The selection of available licenses includes the Desktop edition and the Ultimate edition.

To purchase the product click Continue to Subscribe. In this example we attempt to subscribe to the Desktop Edition which retails for $20/year.

You will be redirected to the confirmation page where you can specify the number of licenses required. You can also optionally opt-in for automatic annual renewal if necessary.

Click Create Contract.

Your subscription for CloudBerry Backup is now active. What remains to be done is to hook up your AWS subscription with your CloudBerry Central account to get the license number. Click Set Up Your Account.

AWS Marketplace will redirect you to CloudBerry Central — central place for managing CloudBerry licenses. Log in and you will immediately notice the AWS Marketplace tab under Licenses. This tab stores all licenses purchased through AWS Marketplace.

Such licenses are accessible from the Licenses tab as well:

You can download the latest version of CloudBerry Backup and use the license to activate the product. It will be active for one year unless automatic renewal was enabled.


AWS Marketplace serves as an alternative place for purchasing licenses for CloudBerry Backup. If you have any questions regarding purchasing CloudBerry Backup on AWS Marketplace, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.