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Sneak peek of Grandfather-Father-Son backup in CloudBerry Backup

Designing a comprehensive backup strategy is a task of utmost importance for any organization. In considering various aspects of this strategy, perhaps the most important objective is to strike a balance between a sensible retention policy and manageable storage fees. Traditional retention policies that work off file versions can quickly become too costly for long-term storage.

Advanced retention using GFS Policies

GFS is a backup rotation scheme and consists of three or more backup cycles, such as daily, weekly and monthly, that allow for independent retention policies for each. If you need to keep backups for 7 years, a GFS approach allows you to keep, as an example, yearly backups for 7 years, monthly backups for 2 years, and daily backups for 90 days. This provides a greater level of control over retention, while reducing backup storage required in order to meet company and regulatory requirements.

GFS in CloudBerry Backup 6.0

Support for GFS in CloudBerry Backup 6.0 is currently implemented only for file-level backup, with support for other types of backup being in works for the future . As of now, we support only Amazon S3, Glacier, and local  storage.

Using the GFS scheme will be as easy as selecting the backup type in the Backup Wizard:

The beta will be available for testing in the coming months with the official release targeted for fall. If you have any suggestions or expectations for the new feature — feel free to let us know in the comment section below.