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Sneak Peek: CloudBerry Remote Assistant for iOS

A year and a half after the release of CloudBerry Remote Assistant for Windows, we're excited to announce CloudBerry Remote Assistant for iOS — the easiest way to manage remote computers from iPhone and iPad.


CloudBerry Remote Assistant for iOS is similar to the Windows version and allows you to establish secure, desktop connections to remote computers. Once connected, you can control the remote computer. The app can easily simulate both mouse and keyboard events. If you need to remotely access a file on your computer or provide remote assistance for one of your users, CloudBerry Remote Assistant for iOS will help you do that in just a few taps.

Connecting to a computer is easy and similar to the Windows version. Simply open the app, enter the Computer ID, and tap on the circular, white connect button:

CloudBerry Remote Assistant for iOS main view

The connection is initiated and then you'll be prompted to enter the security PIN:

Adding a new computer

In a few seconds your computer's screen will be displayed on your iOS device. You can tap on the Control Center to switch monitors, activate the chat window, or request full control.

Remote Desktop Mode View

From there, you can drag the mouse by moving your finger across the screen, initiate mouse clicks by tapping on the screen, and perform drag-and-drop by double-tapping and then dragging files or windows.

Here's how the chat window looks:

Chat window

To terminate the connection, simply tap on the control center and then tap Exit.



This has been a quick look at the upcoming CloudBerry Remote Assistant for iOS — the go-to app for Remote Desktop Connections on iPhone and iPad. If you have any questions about the app or you'd like to see specific features implemented in the initial release — feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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