Snowball Import for SQL Server in CloudBerry Backup 5.4

Our team has been laboring day and night for the last month to bring you CloudBerry Backup 5.4. One of the novelties of the latest iteration of our flagship backup solution is support for AWS Snowball import for SQL Server.

Snowball Import for MS SQL Server

AWS Snowball is a rather handy device that lets you transfer large volumes of data from your local computer(s) to Amazon S3. In a nutshell, Amazon sends you this enormous box which is nothing but a big 50-80 TB appliance onto which you upload your data. Then you return the box back to Amazon, and shortly your data appear in the bucket you had selected. Previously, the compendium of backup types we supported with regard to Snowball Import did not include SQL Server. Well, rejoice! CloudBerry Backup 5.4 now supports this feature out of the box. Simply check the I’d like to use AWS Snowball Import to perform the initial backup checkbox when configuring an MS SQL Server backup plan.


Follow the further instructions to complete the procedure. In fact, we have a comprehensive tutorial on working with AWS Snowball that covers all the pitfalls and minute details you might encounter. Feel free to read it and let us know what you think in the comment section below. Read our overview article that covers the latest features in CloudBerry Backup 5.4.