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Starting an MSP Business – 3 Reasons to Do It in 2018

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Starting an MSP business

IT security has become imperative (and costly) with seemingly endless viruses, hackers, and other threats always ready to catch an unwary user. Not every small- or medium-sized business can manage security on their own, and they prefer to outsource it to a managed service provider. Decided to start an MSP? That's the right thing to do (even if it's already 2019).

Cloud Usage Is Growing

The benefits of the cloud are undeniable. For starters, keeping copies of your data in the cloud is much safer than on a local server. Plus, mass adoption of SaaS applications brings more options to the cloud.

Usually, a typical SMB lacks the time and resources to migrate IT infrastructure to the cloud, and that’s where an experienced IT company can help.

IT Infrastructure Is Getting More Complex

The IT world doesn’t stand still. And as IT evolves, it gets more and more complex. SMBs typically can’t keep up with every new technology — Therefore, the demand for MSP services will continue to grow.

Increasing Security Costs

As mentioned above, new threats regularly appear together with new technologies. Experienced MSPs can offer their clients Security-as-a-Service, in addition to the setting up and monitoring of IT infrastructure, thus helping clients avoid high-security costs.

When starting a managed service provider business, think of adding services such as spam filtering, antivirus, email security, and managed backup and firewalls.

Starting an MSP or MSSP?

Not every IT company can handle security at the proper level because of the skills required. If you’ve decided to become an MSP, consider getting up-to-date and prioritizing constant learning. The most cutting-edge services can offer customers more, which translates to:

  1. Higher profits. Businesses are ready to pay more for enhanced security, and this makes Security-as-a-Service more profitable for a managed service provider.
  2. Add value. When you can take care of all your clients’ security needs, you are perceived as a complete solution. Added value generally leads to more clients.
  3. Increase clients’ loyalty. Security is a critical need, and if you can provide your clients with excellent security services, the subsequent trust can help you build long-term relationships.

How CloudBerry Helps to Enhance Security

Cloudberry Managed Backup Service can help you meet and enhance your clients’ security needs. Cloudberry Managed Backup Service lets you:

  • Restore your clients’ data from the cloud whenever any documents are lost.
  • Promptly bring systems back to life with the help of image-based backup in the event of a server crash.
  • Reduce storage costs with the aid of data deduplication.
  • Receive instant notifications whenever a backup fails or anything else goes wrong.
  • Perform a physical-to-virtual restore to give your clients fast access to lost data.
  • Manage and monitor mixed IT infrastructure from one place: PCs, servers, databases, virtual machines, Linux and Mac.

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