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Support for B2 Application Keys in CloudBerry Backup and CloudBerry Explorer 5.7

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CloudBerry Backup and CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3 receive a minor update that brings support for BackBlaze B2 application keys.


In Backblaze B2, master keys provide unrestricted control over every single operation that happens inside B2. Giving such keys to every user is quite dangerous because they might accidentally (or even deliberately) remove all of the data from the account or access some sensitive data that they're not authorized to see. A better approach here would be to have a different set of keys for different types of users that require different B2 functionality.

To solve this issue, BackBlaze has recently introduced B2 application keys that are designed to limit the scope of permissions granted to a particular user. In essence, B2 application keys help ensure that every individual within an organization can only perform operations determined in advance. As an MSP, you can leverage application keys to ensure that each of your users has access only to their bucket. That way you can prevent any disasters that can emerge if one user were to accidentally overwrite data of another user.

It is recommended to always use application keys whenever somebody needs access to your B2 account. Taking precautionary measures is far better than handling accidents that result from improper permission management.

Support for B2 Application Keys in CloudBerry Backup and Explorer 5.7

CloudBerry Backup and CloudBerry Explorer 5.7 feature complete support for B2 application keys. Adding a B2 account using application keys is not different from adding a B2 account using master keys. Just enter the Application key ID instead of the account ID and then enter the Application key.

Click OK, and then you can access your B2 account only with the permissions defined in the application key.


BackBlaze B2 application keys are a great way to to manage user permissions inside your B2 infrastructure. By granting only the required permissions to each application key, you can ensure that each user can only perform pre-determined operations and thus prevent any accident that might result if everybody were given the master keys. Feel free to check out CloudBerry backup and CloudBerry Explorer 5.7 and share your feedback in the comment section below.

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Published: by on Post Type: Categories: CloudBerry Explorer
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