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Manage Bandwidth in CloudBerry Backup for Synology/QNAP 1.7

Blog post implies to CloudBerry Backup for Synology/QNAP 1.7 and later.

Each backup case demonstrates different requirements to the bandwidth. That's why we've added a new feature to CloudBerry Backup that helps to manage the network connection for your backups.

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Bandwidth Throttling in CloudBerry Box

This article refers to CloudBerry Box 1.3 and later.

CloudBerry Box is a slim efficient solution to sync user's data across multiple computers via your own cloud storage account.

By popular demand, we have added bandwidth throttling. You can now limit the Internet consumption by CloudBerry Box, to make sure it doesn't interfere with your regular activities.

CloudBerry Box Bandwidth settings

Throttling options are configured independently for every copy of CloudBerry Box.

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Introducing CloudBerry Drive 1.4

CloudBerry Lab presents a new version of CloudBerry Drive 1.4. This application provides you with an ability to mount Amazon S3 as drive on your computer. And Amazon S3 is not the only cloud storage supported by CloudBerry Drive, you can find a list of supported cloud storage services  on the CloudBerry Drive product page.
We are trying to make CloudBerry Drive more mature and robust.  The newer version of CloudBerry Drive comes with persistent cache, S3 Compatible account type, Bandwidth Throttling  and Full support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.

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CloudBerry Backup – Intelligent Bandwidth Scheduler

CloudBerry Backup is a powerful Windows program that automates backup and restore processes to Amazon S3 or any other cloud storage.

As always we are trying to make what works best for our customers and in the newer release, we are introducing an intelligent bandwidth scheduler that allows you to control the bandwidth throttling in real-time based on the time of the day and day of the week. With this feature, for instance, you can set the backup to consume all available bandwidth during the off hours and on the weekends while consuming only 10% of available bandwidth during the working hours allowing you to use the network for other tasks. Continue reading

CloudBerry Backup — Online Bandwidth Update; Local, Cloud Bandwidth

CloudBerry S3 Backup is a powerful Windows program that automate backup and restore processes to Amazon S3 cloud storage.
In this release we are introducing two important enhancements when it comes to Bandwidth Throttling configuration. The first one is an ability to apply bandwidth settings online to the currently running backup plans and the second one is different bandwidth configuration for Local and Cloud bandwidth. Continue reading