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Ransomware on Mac. Does it Exist?

One of the most annoying types of virus types nowadays is Ransomware – malicious software that locks files or a computer until its owner pays a ransom for decryption. Windows users do a lot of things to protect their files, but how about for Macs? Should Mac users be worried about such virus types? In this article, we are going to reveal the answer. Continue reading

Ransomware Backup Protection Strategy: The Value of Backup

Every day since the beginning of 2017 a whopping 4000 ransomware attacks occur every day. In this whitepaper, we’ll outline what your ransomware protection strategy should look like, highlighting the value of having a solid backup and recovery plan to ensure you can get the organization back into a state of operation as quickly as possible.

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Ransomware Protection in CloudBerry Backup 5.8

Ransomware has been a growing problem for businesses and consumers this past year. Ransomware attacks disrupt normal business continuity by encrypting important business documents (or personal files like pictures, video, and documents) and demanding a ransom to recover the data. To help protect customer backups, we implemented ransomware protection functionality in CloudBerry Backup 5.8.

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How Ransomware Works and How to Stay Safe

Ransomware: How it works?

How does ransomware work? If you think that ransomware works in the same way as other types of cyber attacks, you may be overlooking important steps for protecting yourself against it.

Ransomware works differently from other malware threats. Traditional security tools like antivirus scanners and firewalls are of limited use against ransomware. To implement an effective ransomware protection, you need to understand the complex nature of different types of ransomware attacks, then create processes — such as strategic data backups — to protect yourself against ransomware. Tools alone won’t keep you safe.

This article helps you defend yourself against ransomware by assessing the current state of ransomware threats and discussing the latest developments in ransomware design. Continue reading

How to Protect Against Ransomware

How to Protect Against Ransomware with Cloud Backups: 4 Best Ways

In our last article on how ransomware works, we described the recent situation with many organizations hit by the WannaCry strain of ransomware – and the possible ways of retaliation. In some cases, organizations simply chose to pay the ransom of $300 – a mere pittance compared to the value of lost data. But WannaCry was not ransomware targeting businesses; instead, it was focused on impacting individuals. Thus, the extremely low ransom.  In many ways, organizations hit by WannaCry were lucky.

But the next ransomware variant may not be so nice.

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Top Antivirus Solutions for Managed Service Providers

Secure information infrastructure is a crucial component of the success of modern business. Previously, we have explained how ransomware works and how to protect against ransomware with backups. In this article, we consider offers for Managed Service Provider (MSP) from antivirus companies and discuss most valuable criteria in choosing complex anti-virus solution. Continue reading

Guarding Your Data: How to Protect Yourself From Ransomware?

How to protect from ransomware banner

“How can I protect the data from ransomware-related encryption?” — is a common present-day's question, since Ransomware became a widely spread virus family that blocks access to your files in exchange for a ransom.

Today we are going to reveal a backup-related solution to protect yourself  from ransomware and cryptolocking.

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