Top Antivirus Solutions for Managed Service Providers

Secure information infrastructure is a crucial component of the success of modern business. Previously, we have explained how ransomware works. In this article, we consider offers for Managed Service Provider (MSP) from antivirus companies and discuss most valuable criteria in choosing complex anti-virus solution.

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    Antiviruses for MSP    

    There are many important things in anti-virus/anti-malware software for MSP companies because a choice of an appropriate security tool affects the company’s workflow.

    Let’s consider the most significant acceptance criteria:

    1. Anti-virus solution has to be flexible in a sense of payments. It is a crucial point that you can bill your customers on monthly basis and charge them only for actual using without a necessity of buying a full annual subscription. Management of huge amount of different annual licenses can be a quite painful task.
    2. Security software has to provide a reasonable protection on servers, endpoints, local networks, and other levels. For example, endpoint solution has to be good in dealing with average malware similar to WannaCry. Coverage of most security levels by a single vendor give you an opportunity to build a consistent infrastructure. So, the more services your vendor provides, the better it for you.
    3. The diversity of administration options. For example, the ability to integrate with different RMM solutions and APIs in case of custom management platform usage.
    4. The simplicity of routine operations like install/update/delete tasks of your antivirus programs. You don’t have to manage many antivirus instances directly in an ideal case. Many companies have trial periods for testing such actions and if you can test some aspects of security service - it’s always a good sign.

    Internet market is flooded with many security solutions so we selected several noteworthy companies there: Trend Micro, ESET, BitDefender, Kaspersky, WebRoot.  

    Trend Micro – Convenient Management Platforms

    MSP antivirus solution - TrendMicro

    Trend Micro offers suitable monthly “pay as you go” pricing model which provides more flexibility to users. Also, they provide specific tools for license and multi-tenant management.

    The solution supports right out of the box the following integrations:

    • Kaseya
    • Labtech RMMs
    • Standard application deployment platforms, such as Odin and Appdirect

    Trend Micro supports desktop Windows platforms, iOS, and Android, cloud services such as Office 365, DropBox, SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive. But there is no support of the Linux operating system.

    ESET with Daily Billing

    MSP antivirus solution - ESET

    ESET offers a unique pricing model with daily billing and monthly invoicing. It supports endpoint solutions for different platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, Mac OS and provides a single remote management console. Compatible with Kaseya, Labtech, ConnectWise, Autotask, and TigerPaw.

    There is Eset API for integration with your custom software. It also has a flexible license price: the more licenses you have sold, the lower price for each you can get. Your customers can also evaluate the product for free for 90 days.

    BitDefender – Full-featured Solution

    MSP antivirus solution - BitDefender

    BitDefender charges on monthly basis and provides endpoint protection for Linux, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android. The single console offers a broad range of administration operations and has the following integrations: ConnectWise, Kaseya, AWS, LabTech, N-Able, Naverisk, and LogicNow. There is also the support of major virtualization platforms, like Hyper-V, VMware, Citrix.

    The vendor also has a good rating on and good reputation level in the security community. BitDefender has high protection level against zero-day exploits and provides phone support “MSP Hotline 24/7” for MSP companies.

    Free 30-day trial version is also available.

    Webroot – Good Endpoint Protection

    MSP antivirus solution - WebRoot

    Webroot provides endpoint protection only, thus suiting best for small MSP companies. Supported platforms are Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android – so, there is no Linux support. Separate Unity API (site, user, policy, group, endpoint, command management) can help you with custom integrations implementation.

    Threat history for the particular single endpoint is presented, and the solution has a single console for multi-tenant environments.

    Webroot integrates with Kaseya, Labtech, Continuum, with the support of autotasks.


    We have considered the most popular MSP antivirus solutions. The best solution has a broad range of administration options, flexible pricing model and strong protection against of malware of any kind. We suggest you evaluating the solutions by yourself during free trial periods to check whether it fits your business’ needs.

    If you have any questions left or can share some info about products reviewed – feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!