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What’s New in CloudBerry S3 Explorer 2.3

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Note: this post applies to CloudBerry Explorer 2.3 and later.
As always we are trying to stay on top of the new functionality offered by Amazon S3  to offer the most compelling Amazon S3 and CloudFront client on Windows platform.
This release introduces Visual Designer for Bucket Policies, Address Book, CloudFront Root object support and Welcome Page.
Ever since we introduced Bucket Policies support a few weeks ago we looked for the way to improve user experience when authoring bucket policy.  Hence we decided to introduce a Visual Policy Designer that helps create policy with a convenient user interface.
To make it easier to deal with Account IDs we have implemented and an Address Book that will help you to save Account IDs locally and reference them by more friendly names and email addresses.  (You will also be able to run the Address Book from the ACL editor).
In this release we are introducing a support for CloudFront Default Object. This exciting feature allows you to designate a certain page in your bucket to become a default webpage. Newer release of CloudBerry S3 Explorer allows you to specify default object on the distribution configuration dialog.
And finally, welcome page will help our users to stay on top of CloudBerry Lab news and take advantage of special offers.
As always we would be happy to hear your feedback and you are welcome to post a comment.
CloudBerry S3 Explorer is a Windows freeware product that helps managing Amazon S3 storage and CloudFront.
CloudBerry S3 Explorer PRO is a Windows program that helps managing Amazon S3 storage and CloudFront . It is priced at $39.99
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