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CloudBerry Backup Apps FAQ

CloudBerry Backup Apps FAQ


Q: What do I need to start using CloudBerry Office 365/G Suite Backup?
A: You need to have a domain admin account and your storage account. Currently, three storage account types are supported Amazon S3, MS Azure, BackBlaze B2.


Q: What is the backup schedule?
A: There are 4 daily backups which start automatically every 6 hours.
Q: I restored selected emails. Why I couldn’t find them in my account.
A: Selected emails are restored to the Restore folder in your account.
Q: How secure is CloudBerry Office 365/G Suite Backup?
A: All stored data is encrypted with the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a unique user owned encryption key.
Q: Can I access my backups if my Office 365/G Suite domain is deleted?
A: You can access your backup account with an alternate email address.
Q: Do I lose my backup data if the license runs out?
A: Although regular backups will no longer be done, you won’t lose any of the backup data you already have.
Q: What is your default retention policy?
A: By default we store your data forever.
Q: Do you store all of the older backup versions?
A: Yes, you can come back to any of the previous states of your data.
Q: Can I restrict my admin’s access to backup contents?
A: Yes, we use role-based access control (RBAC): global admin has full access while administrators with user management role can’t access user’s backup contents.
Q: Can I track user actions within my domain?
A: Yes, audit log is available.
Q: Can I backup Google Team Drives?
A: Yes, Team Drives backup is available and requires purchasing a Team Drive backup license which costs $10 per month.
Q: Can I backup Office 365 public folders?
A: No, it is not a feature yet. Public folder backup is expected to be released soon.
Q: Can I backup Office 365 shared mailboxes?
A: Yes, CloudBerry backs up Office 365 shared mailboxes. 1 shared mailbox requires purchasing 1 user license.
Q: Can I backup SharePoint online?
A: Yes, SharePoint backup is available and requires purchasing a SharePoint backup license which costs $10 per month.
Q: Does CloudBerry backup all SharePoint sites and subsites?
A: Yes, CloudBerry backs up all SharePoint sites and subsites.
Q: Does CloudBerry backup Office 365 groups?
A: Yes, Office 365 groups backup is available on the SharePoint backup page. In order to backup Office 365 groups you need to purchase a SharePoint backup license which costs $10 per month.
Q: Does CloudBerry Office 365/G Suite Backup copy all files everytime it runs?
A: No, CloudBerry Backup identifies files modified since last backup and only copies such files. This makes subsequent backups run much faster.


Q: How much does it cost to use CloudBerry Office 365/G Suite Backup?

A: There are 3 subscription types:

  • 1-month subscription.
    1 user - $3 per month. SharePoint/TeamDrive license - $10 per month.
  • 6-month subscription.
    1 user - $15 per 6 months. SharePoint/TeamDrive license - $60 per 6 months.
  • Annual subscription.
    1 user - $24 per 1 year. SharePoint/TeamDrive license - $120 per 1 year.
Q: Can I purchase additional licenses If I already subscribed to the service?
A: Yes, Additional purchases are available on the Payments page in the service.

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