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Archiving to the Cloud: Cold Storage

About the Whitepaper

Learn why do you even need to archive the data and meet the modern cloud backup backup options. In the whitepaper Nick Cavalancia pays special attention on what exactly the “cold” storage is, its necessity for business and the ways it’s presented on different cloud storage platforms.

Compare Cold Storage Providers Side-by-Side

Learn more about “cold” storage pricing and technical features of a few leading cloud platforms. Supported by detailed comparison sheets, the whitepaper is designed to help you dive into the market and make the choice of the backup storage easier

Choose the Right Solution for Your Data Backup and Archiving

Get acquainted with the ways to integrate “cold” storage into your backup strategy by revising each key interest point alongside recommendations. As a conclusion Nick advises on using different platforms for different tasks and make some predictions on nearby future of “cold” storage market


Nick Cavalancia, a Cloud, Virtualization and Data Center ArchitectNick is an enthusiastic technologist with experience in data-center design, management, and deployment. His architecture work includes large virtualization and cloud deployments as well as business network design and implementation.