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MSP Guide To Providing BaaS with CloudBerry Managed Backup and AWS

Amazon S3 is one of biggest and most mature storage services in the world. It offers virtually infinite storage capacity. S3 is safe, secure, reliable and well-priced; making it ideal for use as backup storage for your clients. Read on to learn how to add Amazon S3 to your BaaS/DRaaS offer.

What's in This Whitepaper?

This guide will help you add Amazon S3 and leverage its potential using CloudBerry Managed Backup Service - a white-label solution for managed cloud and local backup.

We review the technical aspects of using Amazon S3 as a part of your Backup-as-a-Service offering with CloudBerry Managed Backup, e.g. cloud storage classes, pricing, security management, BaaS costs, and more.

We discuss:

  • Amazon S3 storage classes and their use-cases
  • Pricing principles of Amazon S3
  • Security essentials for AWS Identity and Access Management
  • Adding CloudBerry Managed Backup as a part of your backup and disaster recovery offering
  • Monthly cost estimates for Amazon S3 cloud storage and CloudBerry Managed Backup
  • Basics of MSP backup pricing

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Alexander.K, Solutions Architect at CloudBerryAlexander is a solution architect at CloudBerry. He provides the pre-sales technical advice to our customers. Alexander knows all CloudBerry products well and is certified by AWS.