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When starting an MSP, it’s always a pain to create marketing assets to promote your services. It’s time-consuming and IT-professionals typically have more urgent tasks on their to-do list.

We did this for you and created marketing templates for managed backup promotion. All templates are white-label, so you can brand them with your logo and add any company information you need. 

The pack contains 3 separate templates, including:

#1 Cloud Backup Leaflet Template for MSPs

This leaflet makes it easier to provide your potential clients with information on how a backup can save their data and how you can help with it. The template is customizable so you can edit it and add the info you need. Print the file double-sided and you will get a nice brochure to reach out to businesses in your area.


#2 Cloud Backup Customer Presentation for MSPs

Gather the info on how you can keep business data of your clients safe and what your company does in a single file. Tell more about your services and provide references from clients you have already worked with. Slides will help you to present the main information about your business in a concise and graphic manner.


#3 Cloud Backup Promo Emails for MSPs

Find the templates of emails you can send to businesses to sell managed backup. This is a chain of three emails that highlight the importance of preserving business data. The main aim of these emails is to set up a call or meeting where you can discuss your offer in details.


Download our MSP managed backup promotion templates, and then use them to create your own marketing materials.