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MSP Assets to Stay Safe from Phishing

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Phishing attacks remain one of the most dangerous types of cyber attacks today -- due to their constant evolution, as hackers develop new types of phishing attacks and ways to evade anti-phishing tools. That is why it’s critical to have a well-planned anti-phishing strategy in place for preventing phishing attacks against the users that you support.

We have prepared the pack of downloadable white-label materials that can help to minimize the risk of a successful phishing attack, reduce the possible damage and increase the security awareness of your employees or clients. If you are an MSP, you can brand all files with your logo and add your contact information.

The pack includes:

1. Phishing Response Checklist

Download our checklist with remediation actions against a phishing attack, along with Powershell scripts for Office 365 that will help with automating some of the actions you can take in response.

2. Phishing Awareness Training Slides

Phishing Awareness Training SlidesPhishing awareness slides is a great way to provide a visual reminder of important security principles for everyone within your organization.
The slides overview:
- Phishing types and techniques
- Risks for end-users
- Phishing email example with pointed out tricks of hackers

On the last slide, you can also add your contact information so users can reach you out in case they get a suspicious email.

3. Phishing Awareness Training Posters

Phishing Awareness Training PostersEnd-users tend to forget training even if they’ve just finished. Check out our educational posters that will remind your users about the most common phishing indicators.  The first poster provides an easy-to-read infographic with the main phishing tricks and the second one gives an example of a common phishing email. Each poster is white-labeled - you can put your email and telephone numbers to remind users who they are going to call in case of trouble. Both posters are available in PDF and AI (Adobe Illustrator) formats.

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