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Ransomware Backup Protection Strategy: The Value of Backup

About the Whitepaper

If you’re new to the game, ransomware is a form of malware that encrypts anything from specific files up to, and including, entire systems – holding them for ransom (usually paid in Bitcoin).

It started with attacks impacting single endpoints, but with the advent of ransomware using a set of exploits developed by the NSA that allowed malware to leverage SMB connections to spread between systems, ransomware has become a full-fledged threat.

Today, ransomware is truly a criminal business. Organizations authoring ransomware are keenly aware of the value of the machines and data they are encrypting. Nearly every industry vertical is a target and has been impacted (see below).

In this whitepaper, we consider the following:

  • Which industries are at risk of the ransomware attack
  • Which methods of protection you should use
  • How to create a ransomware-ready recovery plan

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