What is Eucalyptus

Eucalyptusis the world's most widely deployed software platform for on-premise (private) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds. It uses existing infrastructure to create a scalable, secure web services layer that abstracts compute, network and storage to offer IaaS. Eucalyptus web services are uniquely designed for hybrid clouds using the industry standard Amazon Web Services™ (AWS) API. The benefits are highly efficient scalability, increased trust and control for IT as a Service.

CloudBerry Tools for Eucalyptus

CloudBerry Explorer

CloudBerry Explorer for Eucalyptus is a freeware file manager for Google Storage. It provides a user interface to Eucalyptus accounts, files and containers allowing you to browse, create and delete files and containers.
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CloudBerry Backup

CloudBerry Backup for Eucalyptus is a Windows program that automates encrypted and compressed data cloud backup. It comes with a user-friendly interface allowing data backup or restoration in a few simple steps.
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CloudBerry Drive

CloudBerry Drive Desktop for Eucalyptus is an application that allows users map Eucalyptus Storage account as a local disk. CloudBerry Eucalyptus Cloud Drive comes with an easy installation and configuration process that seamlessly integrates cloud storage drive with the Windows environment.
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