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News and updates
CloudBerry Backup for Mac/Linux 1.3

Nov 3, 2015

  • Free version
  • Microsoft Azure support
  • SSL support
  • Email notifications
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CloudBerry Backup 4.5

Oct 7, 2015

  • Disaster Recovery to Amazon EC2
  • Backup and Restore NTFS Permissions (ACL)
  • Automatically Set Standard-IA Storage Class
  • Support Oracle Archive Storage
CloudBerry solutions work with all major cloud storage services.

In addition to local, network and FTP/SFTP storage locations, all CloudBerry solutions are designed to work with all major cloud storage vendors including: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage and more...

Whitepapers & resources

Best Practices around Google Nearline & Amazon Glacier

With so many organizations looking at a Google Nearline or Amazon Glacier cold-storage architecture, it’s clear they’re searching for ways to better control the flow of information between their data centers and the cloud. But how to choose between Amazon Glacier and Google Nearline?

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  • Online backup software

    Online backup is a modern way to keep digital data in security. CloudBerry Lab provides data backup solutions that allow backing up to Amazon S3, Glacier, MS Azure, Google and all top cloud storage services. Our backup client allows automating backup routines and prevents loss of valuable data. CloudBerry backup software comes fully charged for automatic online backup of any amounts of encrypted and compressed data.

  • Enterprise Backup Software

    We provide a range of backup solutions to match needs of different customers. Try our enterprise data backup software for small and medium-sized businesses, save money with CloudBerry Deduplication Server. Managed Backup Service for MSPs and VARs. Enjoy our tools for workstations. With CloudBerry enterprise data backup software you will get easy-to-use and cost-effective tools for your backup management.

  • Cloud Storage Management Software

    CloudBerry Explorer – a powerful Amazon S3, Azure, Google Storage file manager, that is also compatible with multiple OpenStack-based storage services. It comes in Freeware and PRO versions.

    CloudBerry Drive allows mapping cloud storage, like S3 bucket, as a network drive. Access and edit your cloud data from the Windows Explorer interface as easy as if it was on your local drive.