CloudBerry Managed Backup Service

Provide Your Customers with Branded Cloud Backup Service

Cloud services generate strong demand from the customers worldwide. Now it's your opportunity to convert this demand into revenue with CloudBerry Managed Backup (MBS)

With CloudBerry MBS any MSP, VAR and IT service company can provide robust managed backup service integrated with Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier and Windows Azure cloud storage services.

CloudBerry Managed Backup Service (MBS) is built from the CloudBerry Backup technology and designed to meet the needs of managed service providers, providing reliable backup with remote management and monitoring.

Why CloudBerry Managed Backup?

  • Built for the cloud

    CloudBerry Managed Backup gives MSPs access to the most current cloud technologies because it is integrated with leading cloud providers Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure.

  • Cost-effective

    You’ll increase your profitability with cost-effective and competitive "pay-as-you-grow" plans from Windows Azure, Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier.

  • Simple management and full control

    An online control panel with intuitive interface comes with a set of tools to remotely assist your customers during initial backup setup and also to provide ongoing support.

  • Easy to setup and sell

    The Getting Started Wizard allows you to get set up and ready to go in less than 15 minutes. Plus, to help you sell the solution, we give you 2 GBs of FREE cloud storage for each end-user trial.

  • Fully customizable design

    As a service provider, you can rebrand and customize the backup client so it’s fully aligned with your own company’s style and brand identity.

How it works?

You control all backups through the CloudBerry Managed Backup Service console, which is hosted on CloudBerry's server (Amazon EC2). After the client component is installed on the user end, you’ll see backups on the control panel and have full access to backup management functions. During backups, you’ll connect to a Managed Backup Service endpoint, rather than directly to Amazon S3. The Managed Backup Service signs every request and redirects requests to Amazon S3.

Integration options / API:

You can integrate CloudBerry Backup with your own applications. CloudBerry Backup can run as a service on user computers and you can control it using your own tools/UI. There are two integration options available:

What are our customers saying?

Data Dynamics meets market demand for cloud backup with CloudBerry Lab & Connectria

"We also considered Carbonite, Dragon Disk, Cloud Drive, Dell Online Backup, but we chose CloudBerry’s Managed Backup Service, because it was easy and efficient and fit very well into all the criteria we had plus our overall pricing strategy as a Managed Service Provider.”

Saeed Akbani, Data Dynamics CEO

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J&W Informática – Efforti starts new business era with online backups

“We started selling backup using rebranded software from Ahsay. We had 3 dedicated servers and we used their hard disks for backups. We had a limited way to scale and three expensive physical servers to manage. When we started to seek other options, we considered RackSpace with its JungleDisk, and Carbonite, however we were not satisfied with these solutions.”

Cesar Peres, IT and Software Project Manager at J&W Informática

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What’s new

Update released on December 3, 2013

  • FTP and SFTP support.

Update released on October 7, 2013

  • System State Backup and Bare Metal Restore .

Update released on July 26, 2013

  • Full Remote Management: Create and edit backup jobs, start and stop backup jobs on the user compueter remotely.

Update released on June 13, 2013

  • MS Exchange support

Update released on April 19, 2013

  • Local backup speed improvements
  • Master password
  • Backup files < XX MB

Update released on March 26, 2013

  • MS SQL server support
  • Remote management enchantments
  • Help documentation in control panel

Update released on July 9, 2012

  • Pre/post actions
  • Windows Event Log support
  • Run missed backups


  • Prevent sleep mode
  • ROI Calculator
  • Cloud Backup Data Sheet

Update released on May 20, 2012

  • Specify local TimeZone for monitoring
  • Group Report
  • Monitoring: computers w/out backup for N days

Update released on May 10, 2012

  • Default backup plans - Remote deployment
  • Auto-update
  • Notification email customization

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“The first impression of Cloudberry was good - nice interface, highly reliable, and it just worked – without us having to babysit it every day”

Bruce Williams

President, XPO networks

“I chose CloudBerry, because it had most of the features I need and their development looked to be moving forward quickly to add additional features we need. Support had been very responsive. Also they have had long term experience with Amazon S3 storage.”

Gary Herbstman

Byte Solutions owner

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