Microsoft Office 365 Backup Solution

Backup Office 365 SharePoint data, mailboxes, calendars and more

CloudBerry Backup for Microsoft Office 365 is designed for the cloud to cloud backup and restore of your Office 365 accounts, including Outlook mailboxes, calendars, and contacts, as well as OneDrive backup.

Office 365 backup solution from CloudBerry is fully integrated with Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure for backup storage and allows restoring to the original or new Microsoft account when required.

Main Features

  • Backup Office 365 email

    Backup and restore entire Outlook accounts including mailboxes, shared mailboxes, calendars, and contacts.

  • Backup OneDrive

    Backup and restore everything stored in OneDrive or select specific files and folders.

  • Backup Office 365 Sharepoint

    Backup and restore Microsoft Sharepoint data.

  • Retention policies

    Specify the number of copies of each item you want to keep in the cloud.

  • Data encryption

    Data is protected at rest with 265-bit AES encryption and while in transit using SSL encryption.

  • Item-level recovery

    Search and recover individual files, folders or emails.

  • Exchange Online backup

    Exchange Online is just a hosted version of MS Exchange Server that comes with O365. The solution allows to backup mailboxes, contacts.


  • Premium 1 mo.

    • Payment at the beginning of the period
    • Period: 30 Days
    • Price: $3.00 per user
  • Premium. 6 mo.

    • Payment at the beginning of the period
    • Period: 180 Days
    • Price: $15.00 per user
  • Premium. 1 yrs.

    • Payment at the beginning of the period
    • Period: 365 Days
    • Price: $24.00 per user

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