MSP Voice Episode 11: Best of Internet

This week we are running a shorter episode of MSP Voice - only Best of Reddit and the most interesting…

Denis G

Coming Soon: CloudBerry Managed Backup for iPhone and iPad

Today we're excited to announce our upcoming product — CloudBerry Managed Backup for iPhone and iPad. As CloudBerry MBS continues…

Robert Z

Geo Redundancy Clash: Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Blob and Google Cloud Storage

Geographical redundancy, or geo redundancy for short, is a valuable data storage strategy that can help to improve data reliability…

Denis G

Varying Tiers in the MSP Help Desk — Building Your Support System

The reach of managed IT services has grown tremendously, thanks to the persistent expansion of the global tech market. As…

Kate C

Using S3’s Pre-Signed URLs for Temporary Object Access

Protecting your S3 buckets is a critical security measure when using AWS. There have been numerous bad stories about unprotected…

Denis G

Purchasing CloudBerry Products on the AWS Marketplace

Apart from our website, CloudBerry Lab Products can be purchased on AWS marketplace. Read on to learn more about the…

Robert Z

CloudBerry Backup for macOS & Linux Now Supports Amazon Linux 2

CloudBerry Backup for macOS & Linux now supports Amazon's latest release of their Linux distribution — Amazon Linux 2. (more…)

Robert Z

Introducing CloudBerry Backup 5.9.2

CloudBerry Backup 5.9 receives a minor update that brings complete support for VMware's latest release of vSphere. (more…)

Robert Z

How to Take Backup of SQL Server 2008

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 still one of the most popular corporate database engines, and it has a lot of backup…

Denis G

Penetration Testing as an Offer: Why Should MSPs Conduct Security Testing?

If you’re a managed service provider (MSP), your clients might ask your company to conduct penetration testing. Should you be…

Kim Crawley

On-Demand vs Break/Fix vs Managed Services

The sphere of IT services has transformed drastically in the last decade or so as customer demands continue to become…

Denis G