Introducing CloudBerry Remote Assistant 1.3.1

CloudBerry Remote Assistant is receiving another minor update, this time featuring a convenient small improvement — sharing individual applications. Read on to learn more about the novelty and how you can take advantage of it in the latest release of our safe remote desktop client.

Sharing a single application

Suppose you only want to share one individual application with the person that's trying to connect to your computer. It could be a browser window that is intended for demonstration of a particular page, or a malfunctioning app that requires the support team to directly take a look at it. Or perhaps you just don't want to share some sensitive information that is clearly visible on your desktop. Regardless of what case you have, CloudBerry Remote Assistant has got you covered. Let us demonstrate to you how you can enable the feature in the app's settings. Launch CloudBerry Remote Assistant and under Tools, click Options.

Shortly after the settings windows will appear, whereupon you should select the By default share a specific application checkbox. Having done that, click Apply and then finally click OK.

That's it! Now when somebody attempts to connect to your computer, you'll be prompted to share a specific application from the list of opened apps.

In that scenario the user will only see a single app on their computer, without having any access to other apps. Furthermore, the single-app view is displayed only in View mode, meaning that the client will be unable to utilize their mouse and keyboard to control anything. If you'd like to grant full access, you need to reestablish connection in the fullscreen mode.

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