New Amazon Glacier Retrieval Options Explained

Amazon storage provide several solutions for different types of data: S3 for “HOT” and Glacier for “COLD” data. You can find in this article the last updates of Glacier’s pricing and retrieval options.

What's New?

Amazon Glacier is typically  used for storing of rarely accessed data which is not necessary to restore immediately. Glacier is a good option for long-term storing with lowest price of company’s outdated reports, backup copies and other relevant data.

Some time ago Amazon announced significant price reduction for S3 Standard and Glacier in most regions. There is also simplified pricing model for Glacier with retrieval fees based on per-GB pricing model. New retrieval options are also announced.

Average drop in prices for Glacier is near 43%, resulting the cost as $0.004 per GB for US West (Oregon) region at the time of January 2017.

Retrieval is a process of getting your data back from Amazon S3 or Glacier. For the Glacier, AWS has an additional fee for data retrieving. Separate pricing for retrieval allows Amazon to proportionally charge their clients depending on frequency of data requests: if you want to restore your data often and in significant volumes, then you will pay more.

You can retrieve 10 GB per month from Glacier storage for free using Standard retrieval option. Also, you can define your own retrieval limits using "Max Retrieval Rate" of Retrieval Policies option.

In the last update two new retrieval options were added: Expedited and Bulk. Here is a quick comparison table:

Expedited (new) Standard Bulk (new)
Data Access Time 1 - 5 minutes 3 - 5 hours 5 - 12 hours
Data Retrievals $0.03 per GB $0.01 per GB $0.0025 per GB
Retrieval Requests On-Demand: $0.01 per request

Provisioned: $100 per Provisioned Capacity Unit

$0.050 per 1,000 requests $0.025 per 1,000 requests


  • Expedited. You can order additional provision capacity units for 100$ per month, getting more precise and predictable rate of restoring data in cases when you have to count minutes. You can use this option having a high urgency level of data retrieving.
  • Standard. This option is suitable for a medium urgency level when data can become accessible during a working day.
  • Bulk. It suits better for a data which you can wait till the next working day.

Using in CloudBerry Backup

The new Glacier retrieval option is fully supported in CloudBerry Backup:

  1. In the first place you have to create a backup plan in CloudBerry wizard
  2. Select Amazon Glacier as a storage and proceed to the step with a selection of retrieval options
  3. You can select an appropriate retrieval option on this step:

Note: Standard retrieval option is selected by default, so if you don’t have any ideas why it is better to use other options you can make no changes and proceed with a Standard option.


In this article we have reviewed flexibility enhancements in Glacier usage and pleasant price reduction on several S3 storage tiers. You can try the new features by yourself using CloudBerry Backup with FREE 15-day trial.

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