Support for AWS Glacier Singapore in CloudBerry Backup and Explorer

Amazon has just introduced an addition the the list of its AWS Glacier regions — Singapore. From now on users can use Amazon Glacier in Asia Pacific (Singapore) to reliably and durably store their data at a fraction of the price of regular S3. Here at CloudBerry Lab we naturally stay on top of things and today are updating our products with the support for the new Glacier region.

New region — new pricing structure

Before we demonstrate the new region in action within our products, let's take a closer look at the fees associated with Glacier Singapore and put it up against the customary benchmark — US North East.

US North East Singapore Percentage difference
Storage (per GB-month) $0.004 $0.005 +25%
Bulk Retrieval $0.0025 $0.003 +20%
Standard Retrieval $0.01 $0.012 +20%
Expedited Retrieval $0.03 $0.036 +20%

As illustrated in the table above, the Singapore region is on average 20% costlier in terms of the storage and retrieval fees. Storing data is a whopping 25% more expensive, meaning that storing large archives may inflate your cloud budget. So unless your workflow requires swift data transfer speeds — perhaps you employ an EC2 in the Singapore region — it is recommended that you opt for cheaper regions. Now let's see how you can take advantage of Singapore Glacier region in CloudBerry products.

Support for Glacier Singapore in CloudBerry Explorer and Backup

In CloudBerry Explorer 5.3 working with Glacier Singapore is as easy as selecting a region when creating a glacier vault. Simply click on the blue cube icon on the main toolbar and select Asia Pacific (Singapore) when specifying the preferred vault location.

Similarly, you can indicate Singapore as your vault location of choice when adding a Glacier account. Later, when you configure a backup plan and select Glacier as the backup destination, all your files will be archived to Glacier Singapore.

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