About CloudBerry Lab

Established in 2011 by a group of experienced IT professionals, CloudBerry Lab™ provides cloud-based backup and file management services to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

CloudBerry’s offerings include powerful, easy-to-use backup management capabilities and military-grade encryption using customer-controlled keys. Customers can choose to store their backup data with more than 20 online storage providers, including Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, HP Cloud, Rackspace, IBM Softlayer and others. CloudBerry also partners with thousands of VARs and MSPs to provide them with turnkey, white-label data protection services. CloudBerry Lab is an Amazon Web Services Advanced Technology Partner

Our values

We believe that the life is a space of opportunity for all. Every person has the potential to realize these opportunities for the benefit of themselves and the world around them. Unlike Google our company employs ordinary people such as you. We know how to do our jobs well, enjoy working together and make products that just work for you.

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