CloudBerry Explorer for Windows

Access, move and manage files across your local storage and the cloud storage of your choice

CloudBerry Explorer Pricing & Licensing

After you download CloudBerry Explorer you need to install the software on your computer. Once installation is complete launch the application and choose either to activate a freeware version, start free trial, or activate a commercial license.

Freeware version. Free cloud storage manager by CloudBerry comes with all the basic functionality including cloud storage account access, file/folder transfer, resumable upload and more.

PRO version. Comes with all the features of the freeware version plus advanced features like client-side encryption, compression, multipart upload, multithreading, content compare, upload rules and more.

15 day free trial icon
Free 15-day trial
in PRO version
Leverage free 15-day trial to evaluate the product before buying a commercial license.
perpetual license icon
Perpetual licenses
per computer
CloudBerry Explorer PRO comes with a one-time off license per computer.
annual maintenance icon
Annual maintenance
Covers free upgrades and priority support. It is 20% per year of the original purchase. The maintenance for the first year is not included.
volume discounts icon
Get significant volume discounts for buying CloudBerry Explorer PRO licenses in bulk.

Compare Pricing

Explorer Free Explorer PRO
Operating Systems
Windows Desktop
Windows Server
Resumable Upload
Capacity Reports
Command Line Interface
Encryption and Compression
FTP/SFTP Support ("as-is")
Upload Rules
Multiple files edit
Large Objects up to 5 GB up to 5 TB
Pricing and Support
Support Community only Email support