CloudBerry Managed Backup Service

Backup-as-a-Service platform with centralized management and monitoring
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CloudBerry Managed Backup Licensing and Pricing

Once signed up for CloudBerry Managed Backup, you get immediate access to the control panel. Use your own cloud storage or the free 2 GB of cloud storage from CloudBerry to test the service during your trial. Trial licenses are active for 15 days.

Note: CloudBerry Lab does not offer included cloud storage for production use. Customers need to sign up with any of our supported cloud storage providers or leverage our support for local backups.

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Free 15-day Trial
All software licenses come with 15 day trial.
Monthly / Annual
License Fees
You have to renew Managed Backup licenses subscription either once a year or once a month.
Free Upgrades
and Support
Active subscriptions get free upgrades and technical support.
License Each
Endpoint / Server
License each endpoint and server based on the desired backup features and protect as much data as needed.

Compare Editions

Desktop / Server (File-Level) Desktop / Server (Image-Based) MS SQL Server MS Exchange Ultimate
Operating Systems
Windows 7/8/10
Windows Server
Linux, macOS
Backup Types
File-System Backup
System State Backup
Image Based Backup
MS SQL Server Backup
MS Exchange Backup

Technical Support Tiers

Tier Basic Business Premium
Number of active licenses At least one paid license 30+ licenses 100+ licenses
24/5 (24/7 for restores) ticket support* Yes Yes Yes
Phone support Urgent restore only Yes Yes
Live chat support Yes
Ticket priority support Yes
Initial ticket response time (business hours) 2 hours 2 hours 15 minutes
* CloudBerry is pleased to offer Technical Support Services for Active Trial Participants and Customers who have an active subscription. At no additional cost, you are entitled to Support 24 hours a day, 5 days a week for any issue opened Monday - Friday and 24 hours a day 7 days a week for any issue related to a restore.

Estimate Your Backup Storage Cost

Please, note that CloudBerry Lab doesn't offer storage, you need to buy from storage providers separately

Amazon Web Services logo

Google Cloud Platform logo

Microsoft Azure logo


$ 2.30

Amazon S3

$ 2.00

Google Cloud Storage

$ 1.84

Azure Blob Storage


$ 1.25

Amazon S3 Standard IA

$ 1.00

Google Nearline

$ 1.00

Azure Cool Blob Storage


$ 0.40

Amazon Glacier

$ 0.70

Google Coldline

$ 0.2

Azure Archive Blob Storage

CloudBerry Managed Backup Service
Free Signup*
* no credit card required